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Credit Card Wallet

Today, bulky wallets are replaced by credit card holder wallets. Why? Have you ever thought about this? The use of paper money is almost gone after Covid 19. The coin was already obsolete for a long time. The credit card wallet is minimally designed to accommodate standard credit cards. Instead of using a rough and shapeless credit card holder, it would be a much better choice to use a specially designed handmade credit card wallet made of leather. Moreover, we produce this handmade credit card wallet from Europe's best quality vegetable tanned leather.

How to keep credit cards clean in wallet?

A prerequisite for keeping credit cards clean is to use the credit card wallet in your front shirt pocket or front trouser pocket. The back pocket will always get dirty quickly and damage the durable structure of the wallet. The second rule is to ventilate the inside of the credit card wallet once a week. And do not forget to care for the wallet with beeswax and linseed oil once a month.

Best Slim Wallet

Looking for a handmade best slim wallet that's thinner than machine-made slim wallets? We offer you what you are looking for. You will forget the existence of the wallet in your pocket. Despite being thin, you'll get a card wallet that doesn't compromise on durability. And you will be amazed by its slim.

How to protect credit cards in wallet ?

A wallet must protect credit cards and citizen ID. However, most wallets either dirty your identity and credit cards with their poor quality paint or do not have a structure to protect them enough. We use 1.2mm cowhide in this leather credit card wallet model we produce. 1.2mm cowhide has serious strength. Like be Horses have a thickness close to 1.2mm skin and we add extra strength with wax. Credit card wallet best preserves the credit cards and IDs that are important to you.

Card Wallet Mens

Gentlemen choose their clothing as well as their accessories with great dedication. Card wallet mens is a gentleman's last weapon at a great dinner. By using a simple wallet, one should not risk losing all charisma in value. The card wallet mens wallet will stand out as the most important argument for real men's stylish clothing. You can even manage to attract the attention of those around you by placing it on your interview table with great self-confidence. A real man's wallet should be on the table, not in his front pocket.

How many cards do men carry in their wallets ?

This leather credit card holder wallet you are reviewing can easily store 7 cards when never used. After 1 month has passed, you can increase the capacity of the wallet by placing more credit cards, one at a time. The credit card limit that you can use without breaking the form is 10 credit cards or citizenship identity cards. This card capacity count is worth much more than most card wallets.

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