Womens Brooch Dress, Ladies Gold Butterfly


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What could be more wonderful than crossing paths with a beautiful, delicate and colorful butterfly womens brooch dress on a sunny day?
Butterflies, loved by both children and adults, bring our world to life.
But they also play a very important role in a healthy ecosystem.
Not only are they fun, but it's vital that our kids get to know them In the insect class, butterflies belong to an order called Lepidoptera, which also includes moths. The word "Lepidoptera" sounds good. It means "scaly wings" in Greek, which makes sense because there are thousands of tiny overlapping scales covering the wings of butterflies (and moths). I think it would not be wrong to say that there are stamps. This majestic and unique womens brooch dress will reflect your style.

Information About the Womens Brooch Dress Butterfly Motif

Butterflies have very interesting features. For example, they have a sense of taste under their feet. In other words, their feet do the tasting work of our tongue. Butterflies carry pollen sticking to their feet to other flowers as they land from flower to flower. Thus, they ensure the pollination of flowers, that is, the formation and transportation of seeds. Humans' olfactory organs are their noses, while butterflies' olfactory organs are their two long antennae on their heads. Butterflies can smell each other from 11,000 meters away. The lifespan of butterflies in the world is usually 6 weeks, that is, one and a half months. Some butterflies live up to 3 months. In the fall, a butterfly's egg can overwinter and hatch in the spring. Butterflies have 17,000 eyes. So butterflies can see in all directions. They can see colors that humans can't. Thus, as if playing hide-and-seek, they find flowers that resemble the color of their wings and hide there. You've witnessed the wonderful life of butterflies, now it's time to wear Womens Brooch Dress on your unique outfits!