Best Minimalist Wallet, Mens Slim Leather


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We are honored to introduce you the best minimalist wallet that we produce from genuine leather. We back this unique product with a lifetime warranty and quality certificates. And we pack it with a medieval themed gift package and deliver it to your address.

Best Minimalist Wallet In Europe

You have seen many wallets, large and small. And the minimal wallet piqued your interest. Because like everyone else, you want to simplify life. You don't want to carry a heavy and big wallet on you. Your aesthetic concerns are pushing you to buy slim wallet. You even want the best slim wallet. We make a great effort to ensure that the wallet is durable, aesthetic and of high quality, and we present a best mens wallet that will meet all your concerns. Wait! We have created a wallet that will meet all your needs and add charisma to you. This minimalist wallet is only 0.5" larger than credit card sizes. Small enough to slip in your pocket, yet flexible and comfortable enough to stow all your cards.

We Use Thin Thread for Slim Walletthread from the needle

Making a slim wallet requires good use of craftsmanship. What material can we use to achieve more finesse? It is necessary to think about it. And we thought. We blended a 0.03" thick 5-strand polyester thread with beeswax. We sewed the thread with great mastery by threading it onto the silver needles we produced. The tremendous durability and delicacy that emerged was admirable.

Thins Leather for Aesthetic Mens Wallet

thin leather
The standard thickness of the leather we use for wallets is 1.2mm. This thinness provides enough rigidity for a men's wallet. But to create a slim and minimalist wallet, we get help from a leather shaving machine. After the leather is shaved, it is painted and combined with other parts. Shaving leather requires serious attention. Shaving leather under 1mm can damage the leather, so the steel blades of the leather shaver should be sharpened every hour.

How To Make Minimalist Wallet?

That's a real question! Many companies can produce minimalist wallets, thin wallets. However, if we are doing handmade production, we have to prove it. We offer you a great production video where you can review all our wallet productions. I wish you a pleasant time!