Mens Bifold Black Leather Wallet Pattern, Digital Template File, Wallet DIY Pattern,Not The Actual Wallet

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The product you are viewing is a Mens Bifold Black Leather Wallet pattern.

Welcome to my workshop,
You will purchase the pdf document that contains the measurement patterns required to make the wallet you have seen in the photo. The document is formatted in A4 paper, however you can print it on any media as long as you select "no scaling" or "print in 100%" size. As long as you print according to the details I have specified, there will be no problem with the dimensions. I'll share a video to help you make your wallet. In addition to blueprint, I made some suggestions. It is up to you to comply with these recommendations. I used brown, tan and black paint for wallet. At the same time, the type of rope I use is linen and 0.6mm thick.

This blueprint is prepared quite simply for beginners. You can ask me any questions about the details you have in mind. I will always be happy to inform you.. As soon as you complete your order the PDF file will be available to you.

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