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Mens Designer Wallets

Looking for a luxury wallet? Men's designer wallet is for you. Now I will tell you one by one the processes that make this wallet expensive. We will consider two different types of wallets. Fabricated wallets are produced in thousands of numbers per minute from fake leather and polyester threads. The production of one fabricated wallet does not exceed a maximum of 5 minutes. Prices for fabricated wallets also vary between $10 and $90.
punch leather
But handmade men designer wallets are different. I will tell about handmade and other craftsmanship in a moment. But did you know that before that it was only the size of a banknote? Yes, this is a great thing. You are in for the most minimalist men's wallet you can buy.  This leather wallet is created from just 4 pieces of leather and is only 0.16" thickness, making it the best slim men's leather wallet of all time. I'll be happy to detail how we made the designer wallet.

A Men's Designer Wallet Made of Genuine Leather

Our managers start by choosing good leathers to make a mens designer wallet. We go to the cattle and calf producers in the villages we have determined in Italy and determine the leathers we want. Our company import the prepared leathers to Turkey. Delivering to the unique leathers that come to Turkey to the local tanneries in the Aegean Region, which still carry out tanning according to the recipes of 100 years ago. These special leathers are tanned with tree bark and various seeds. After the tanning process of the leather is completed, it is delivered to our workshops all over Turkey.

40 Years of Masters Creating Designer Wallets

Hand Knife Leather
Craftsmen use all their skills to make these unique mens designer wallets. Masters cut the leathers into pieces with Japanese knives without losing their freshness. The masters take the leathers they cut into pieces to the tribes for dyeing. This is where painters come in. The painter takes the leather into a hand dyeing process with great precision, using pure cotton. Hand-dyed leather has natural patinas and textures.
Designer wallet
Painter finishes the painting process, she places the leather in a different area to rest. The saddler glues the pieces of the men's designer wallet together and staples it with French diamond staples, ready to be hand sewn. Saddlers give strength by waxing the ropes. Waxed threads become voluminous and ready for sewing. The saddlers thread the waxed threads onto the double silver needle.
hand sewing wallet
The saddlers start sewing the designer wallet using silver pins. Saddler completes the hand stitching with each step tightening and leaving no gaps. After the mens designer wallets is sewn, the fringes on the edges are trimmed. After the edge area of ​​the wallet is given an oval appearance, it becomes shiny like glass by using hardener and wax.

Are designer wallets worth it men?

You will answer this question. What will change if I buy the Men's Designer Wallet? You won't have to change wallets every year. You will have a quality wallet that you will use for the rest of your life. I will have a handmade mens designer wallets that I can carry in the front pocket of my jacket and easily put on the table in any environment. All this is reason enough to buy.

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