Golden Silk Tie

Brown Gold Mustard Special Patterned Silk Tie


: In stock

: Leonadem

: Tie

: Handmade

: 2 - 3 days

This brown gold mustard special silk tie, which is 100% handmade, is made of pure silk fabric. Silk fabric, carefully prepared in the silk greenhouses of Turkey, is colored into silk fabrics with wonderful designs.

And it is prepared for use in our workshop by England's greatest gentlemen. A silk tie is no simple thing hung around a gentleman's neck. The silk tie reflects the character of a gentleman. Leonadem ties, on the other hand, are preferred only by gentlemen with sublime character.

  • Silk fabric is shiny, slippery, flexible and durable.
  • It has a soft texture. 
  • Does not wrinkle easily, no need for ironing for a long time when ironed.
  • It is enough to throw it in the machine for cleaning.
  • Harmful insects such as moths do not harm.
  • They are not affected by mold and fungus-like microorganisms.