How to Clean A Leather Wallet In 5 Steps


I hope you weren't too upset that you accidentally soiled your carefully guarded wallet on a wonderful day. Because I'm going to tell you a lot about "How to Clean A Leather Wallet In 5 Steps". Wallets are the things you carry with you every day, but most people don't think to clean them when they're dirty. If you have a leather wallet that is stained or dirty due to daily use, you can use saddle soap for a deep cleaning.

1. Empty Your Items in the Wallet

Be sure to remove everything from your wallet before cleaning. First, wipe the leather front pocket wallet with a wet cloth. Wet a soft cotton cloth with warm water and wring it out completely. Wipe excess dirt off the surface of your wallet to get a deep cleaning when you start using the soap. Do not leave water on the surface of your wallet as it may cause the leather to crack or deform.

2. Scrub the Surface with Saddle Soap

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You will need saddle soap to clean the leather. You can easily get this product online. Apply a small amount of saddle soap on the cloth and apply a small amount by rubbing with one corner of the cloth.

3. Continue Until All The Dirt Has Been Removed

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After applying the soap cloth to the leather, the dirt will finish on the cloth. You should apply this process until there is no dirt on the leather. Pay attention to the seams of your wallet so that they do not tear or break while cleaning.

4. Clean Pockets with Ear Cleaning Stick

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Clean deep stains with a cotton swab in a circular motion. Rub the end of a cotton swab in the saddle soap and then work it into the stain in small, concentric circles. If one end of the cotton swab gets soiled, use the other end.Once you’ve worked the soap into the leather, wipe it off with a clean cloth.

5. Wrap With Towel Until Wallet Is Completely Dry

How to Clean A Leather Wallet

Lay your wallet flat on a slightly larger hand towel. Fold the edges of the towel so that it completely covers the wallet. Help the towel to absorb some of the water by applying some pressure. After doing this, you should wait 10 hours. You should keep the wallet inside the towel in a cool and dry environment. The wallet should not come into contact with a hot surface.

In this article, we told you "How to Clean A Leather Wallet In 5 Steps". If you have extra experience, you can mention it in the comments. 


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