King of Autumn Masculine Black, Ambitious Style Creators

King of Autumn Masculine Black, Ambitious Style Creators


Black clothing, which has continued its rise in the men's section in the last few years, also seized the 2019 Autumn Samsun Men's Fashion Week.

They did not forget to add brown and cream tones, which are indispensable colors for autumn, to their black clothes. Thus, an unforgettable trend has emerged. For men who want to create beautiful combinations with black clothes, we have compiled photos of several models.


When you combine everyday looks, you need to create that cold, easy-going look without slipping into a neglected or cluttered look.

No oversized t-shirts here! Your goal is to look fashionable and polite. Wear a pretty t-shirt in a luxurious fabric. Here you have the option option; Crew neck or v-neck, short or long sleeves, choice of the appropriate fabric. She was paired with slim black jeans, a sexy black leather jacket and a nice stylish shoe and you're ready to go!


Whether it's a traditional two-piece outfit or a more casual but professional look, you want a strong, authoritative atmosphere.

For professionals, you have more direction than your marriage. Try pairing a button-down shirt with a thin black fabric and a slight sheen. From there, black accessories such as belts, straps, vests, ties and even bowties are really the place to be creative. During the hottest months, opt for tight pants that will hit your ankle.

When crossing the traditional path, make sure your dress is perfect for quality. See your choice of a black silk pocket square.


Official Cescription

When you leave, you go straight to the tux, right? However, did you know that there are several variants of a tuxedo? Give you the opportunity to customize your look!

  • Pointed collar or shawl collar
  • Coats of coarse grain or satin
  • Wing or roll opening ring
  • Vest or belt
  • Butterfly or pointed bowtie

All the classic tuxedos are black with a white shirt. But do not worry, the trend is increasing. Head to the black stand-alone black dress shirt for a modern meeting with the tuxedo. You can also make your arm and pocket square and any pants you want!


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