Hit Color of the Season "Khaki", Where Should I Dress?

Hit Color of the Season "Khaki", Where Should I Dress?


Colorful and dignified. In fact, therefore, it can easily adapt to anywhere. Where should you wear the khaki color during working hours, on a comfortable weekend or when you want to maximize your style?

Working hours

If the office in question, it seems to be a little serious. 'Where do I start wearing khaki?' The most likely answer to the question; it can be an office because it is both colorful and sober.

You can wear your blazer jacket, which you can easily match with many pieces, with a light or dark trousers. It will not grin because it is a color that fits into any environment.

After a wide week of comfort space

Weekend means comfort. After spending the whole week in the office wearing formal clothes, everyone has the right to spend a few comfortable days. Cargo pants, the militarist part of the season, are competent.

On the one hand, it gives a trend alarm and on the other hand you can take a weekend test drive with your cargo pants in terms of its iconic color.

On a high dose of style

It's not a standard day. It can be a special date or a day that you are carefully prepared to feel better; you decide that.

Get help with earthy pieces that can be easily found in every man's wardrobe and match them with your khaki-colored shirt. The last shot is a character backpack.



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